4 current WWE Superstars currently 25 years of age or younger

WWE is the world’s largest pro wrestling promotion and in order to maintain its dominance over the pro wrestling industry, the company’s senior executives place more emphasis on the signing of experienced wrestlers than on young wrestlers. As far as young wrestlers are concerned, they have to train hard for many years before entering the … Read more

WWE Superstar’s shocking statement ahead of Triple Threat Championship match at SummerSlam

WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley has focused on becoming the Raw Women’s Champion once again in SummerSlam 2021. Let me tell you, Nikki will be seen defending her Raw Women’s title in the match against Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair in ASH SummerSlam 2021. In the opening segment of Raw this week, WWE officials Sonya Devil … Read more

5 fierce rivals in the main roster for WWE Superstar Tony Storm

Former WWE NXT UK women’s champion Tony Storm may soon be seen debuting his main roster via Raw or SmackDown. Over the past few weeks Tony Storm has been seen competing in dark matches on Raw and SmackDown. However, these matches were not shown on WWE television but since then there has been speculation about … Read more

WWE Video Charlotte Flair And Rhea Ripley Fight In Ring Viral On Internet

The WWE video went viral New Delhi: WWE is loved all over the world and its stars are popular all over the world. Videos of WWE matches go viral on social media. Now a WWE Video is going viral again, which fans are having a hard time believing. In fact, the video is of wrestlers … Read more

Rhea Ripley, 24, became the WWE Champion, defeating Asuka in the final of the RAW Women’s Championship

New Delhi. Australian professional wrestler Rhea Ripley wins the WWE WrestleMania 37 Raw Women’s Championship. He defeated Asuka in the title bout on Sunday. Asuka had been the WrestleMania champion for almost a year. With Ripley’s victory, Asuka’s dominance in the ring ended. Former NXT superstar Rhea recently returned to the WWE Red Brand and … Read more