Arvind Akela Kallu’s song Sutt Biya Sathe Bangliniya creates ruckus, full of romance video- bhojpuri singer arvind akela kallu romantic song Sutt Biya Sathe Bangliniya releases on youtube watch here ditish

Video full of romance Arvind Akela Kallu’s song ‘Sutt Biya Sathe Bangliniya’ is creating a ruckus as soon as it is released. The song is being searched fast on the internet. Tremendous romance is shown in the video song. Video – #Arvind Akela Kallu – Sutt Biya Sathe Bangliniya Sutt Biya Sathe Bangliniya Superhit Song … Read more

The man was taking out the swan’s baby trapped in the net when the father attacked and then…|viral video a-man-was-taking-out-the-baby-swan-trapped-in-the-net-then -the-swan-attacked-nodtg

file photo. A video is becoming increasingly viral in social media these days, in which a man is attacked by a swan when the person was trying to rescue the trapped child of the goose. Social Viral. Be it human or animal, everyone loves their child very much. If he thinks that someone is trying … Read more

Bhojpuri wedding song ‘Babul Ki Shiksha’ released, this song shows the emotional relationship between parents and daughter

This song depicting the relationship between parents and daughter making emotional The traditional Bhojpuri wedding song ‘Babul Ki Siksha’ (Babul Ki Siksha), which reflects the education that the daughter gets from the parents at the time of marriage and the promise that the daughter gives, has been released today. The song (Bhojpuri Song) is making … Read more

Shilpi Raj’s new song Maldahawa Mango told a fun way to sell fruits, as soon as the video arrives, see the shadow on the internet

Shilpi Raj’s new song ‘Maldahawa Aam’ shadowed the internet as soon as it arrived Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj’s bang ‘Maladahava Aam’ has been released and is making a lot of headlines. The song is getting a good response from the people. The music of the song is composed by Arya Sharma and written by Vijay … Read more

Hunting secretly, the sleeping dog was eaten by the leopard like this…Watch VIDEO

The entire incident of leopard attack on dog has been captured in CCTV. (Photo Credits: ANI) In the video, it can be seen how the leopard enters the house through the railing. The leopard’s eyes are only on the dog sleeping outside the door. The leopard slowly pounces on the dog as soon as it … Read more

B’ day Spl.: Item Queen Seema Singh was compared to Actress Helen, once used to get Rs 10000, today she takes lakhs

Apart from Bhojpuri films, Seema Singh has also done item dance in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Bengali and Rajasthani films. .

Pawan Singh’s heroines blew the neck, the song ‘Gir Gayel Jhoomar’ from the film ‘Pawan Putra’ went viral, watch video

Song ‘Gir Gayel Jhoomar’ from the movie Pawan Putra goes viral Another song ‘Gir Gayil Jhumar’ from Power Star Pawan Singh’s super hit Bhojpuri film Pawan Putra is making a splash on YouTube. In the song, the heroines Priyanka Pandit and Priyanka Revadi have captivated the audience with their tremendous dance. Both have given very … Read more

Shilpi Raj’s emotional Bhojpuri song Jaa Humke Bhula Jaih went viral as soon as it was released, got millions of views, watch video

Shilpi Raj’s emotional Bhojpuri song ‘Ja Humke Bhula Jaih’ went viral as soon as it was released The Bhojpuri song ‘Ja Hamke Bhula Jaih’ by Shilpi Raj and Golu Pathak has been released. The video is becoming increasingly viral as soon as it comes on YouTube. The audience is very fond of this Sad Song. … Read more

power star pawan singh fan 8 year old girl video song Mera Dil Pawan Singh Ka Fan Hai viral gor 1 million views watch here ditish

Got over 1 million views! For Bhojpuri power star Pawan Singh, another case of his fan’s madness is in the headlines. Only an 8-year-old girl sang a song for him, which is becoming increasingly viral. It has got more than 1 million (10 Lakh) views so far. Let us tell you that recently one of … Read more

Found on dating app, then forcibly made relationship with young man, threatening to do video online, recovered money

The accused threatened the victim youth and also extorted five thousand rupees from him. (signal photo) Police arrested four accused, all residents of Bulandshahr, for sexual exploitation and blackmailing of youth in Gautam Budh Nagar. Mobile was also recovered. Noida. A shocking case has come to light in Gautam Budh Nagar district. After meeting with … Read more