Aarushi Nishank started campaign to distribute medical kit and ration in Uttarakhand


Aarushi Nishank has recently debuted with the song 'Wafa Na Raas I'.  (File photo)

Aarushi Nishank has recently debuted with the song ‘Wafa Na Raas I’. (File photo)

Aarushi Nishank, along with his NGO Sparsh Ganga and Sandeep Aggarwal Foundation, has started a Kovid-19 (COVID 19) relief operation in Uttarakhand (Uttarakhand). Under this, there is a plan to distribute medical kits and ration.

New Delhi Aarushi Nishank (Aarushi Nishank)) is an actress and a social worker. She has also been working for the environment. She has recently debuted with the T-Series song ‘Wafa na Raas I’, which has been seen 125 million times in less than a month. However, she has been providing relief to Kovid-19 victims in Uttarakhand and outside Uttarakhand in addition to work commitments in the last 2 years.

Aarushi Nishank, Ganges River and Protection of Environment NGO Sparsh Ganga’s co-founder, started in Uttarakhand in 2008. They are providing ration to the needy with medical kits, which include oxygen concentrator, mask, steamer, PPE kit, sanitizer, digital thermometer, oximeter, vitamin C tablets. Apart from this, other 200-500 kits include sanitizers and masks, which will also be distributed in Haridwar by Team Sparsh Ganga.

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Some resources will be handed over to the DM of Haridwar and the remaining resources will be distributed to the interiors of Uttarakhand. Aarushi Nishank and her Sparsh Ganga team have also started a helpline number for beds, treatment and other facilities in Uttarakhand. Sparsh Ganga’s team has been helping people by continuously distributing masks and sanitizer kits since the first kill of Kovid-19. Talking about the relief efforts, Aarushi Nishank says, “It’s time to prove that we are all humans and We can only win when we stand together. I am the daughter of Uttarakhand. Whatever we can do, we will try our best to support and help. ‘


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