Anupamaa Spoiler Alert Shah Family Came Together To Make Anupamaa Aka Rupali Ganguly Happy


The show ‘Anupama’, which airs on Star Plus, is in the TV world these days. The special thing is that the show also continues to be at number one in the TRP list. Along with this, a twist has also come in ‘Anupama’ serial. Actually, Anupama is struggling with ovary tumor disease. However, he himself does not know about the disease. At the same time, hearing about Anupama’s illness, the entire Shah family comes together and makes every effort to keep Anupama happy. Vanraj gets a big shock after hearing about Anupama’s illness. Vanraj tells Samar that he wants to see Anupama happy. In such a situation, he also thinks that till date he has only hurt Anupama, but now he will only give happiness to Anupama. Some video clips related to the Anupama serial are becoming very viral on social media, in which the Shah family seems to be trying to keep Anupama happy. It is seen in the video that a house built in the resort is completely transformed into Anupama’s house, where a name plate with her name is placed, as well as her kitchen. View this post on Instagram A post shared by (@anupamaa_x_fanpage)

When Anupama goes inside the house, she finds Pakhi, Mama ji, Ba and other members of the house apart from Vanraj and Nandini. After which Baa takes Anupama’s aarti and also enters her home. At the same time, Anupama also performs aarti with the family. Where Anupama is busy doing aarti on one side, seeing her happy, tears come in the eyes of the rest of the family. Seeing them, Anupama gets suspicious and at the same time she thinks in her own mind, “Why does it feel that all the housemates are hiding something from me.” Talking about the upcoming episode of Anupama, all the members of the house dance together with Anupama. At the same time, Vanraj says, “I will support her before I split from Anupama. He deserves this. ” However, the householders on one hand fear that the doctor will tell the truth to Advaita Anupama. Most read.

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