‘Balika Vadhu’ fame Avika Gaur is sad to see the condition of the country! Avika gor upset to see the reality of our health care system in country pr


Avika Gaur is unhappy with the current situation.  (Photo courtesy: avikagor / instagram)

Avika Gaur is unhappy with the current situation. (Photo courtesy: avikagor / instagram)

The entire family of Avika Gor was infected with the corona virus. Emotional Avika has expressed concern over the country’s health care system.

Mumbai. Anandi’s love for the TV audience to play the role of Anandi in the famous serial ‘Balika Vadhu’ of TV Avika Gor These days are very sad. Avika’s grandfather died from Corona. Apart from this, his father and grandmother were also infected. Avika these days saw her family upset and felt the healthcare system closely. That is why Avika has appealed to her fans to help people as much as possible. Donate plasma and get the vaccine done as soon as possible. Avika Gaur Told that ‘my father and grandmother came positive, my grandfather died after 3 days. We were all already very broken and it was a big shock for us. My father is diabetic and grandmother is 80 years old. So scared every minute. It was not easy, but both are fighters. Both people are healthy at the moment. Whatever my mother and I could do to help him, he did it. Please tell that recently, Avika had expressed her pain by posting.

Avika gor

Photo courtesy: @AvikaGor Instagram

Avika Gaur closely observed and understood this difficult time. The actress says that ‘people are coming forward to help each other on social media. People are working very responsibly in Kovid’s second wave. Who are helping others as much as they can. This is also the need of the hour. But it is sad to see the reality of our country in the present times, but the way people are helping others, the heart gets comforted ‘. Some misunderstandings are spreading. But if you want to check, then sufficient information is also available to tell people. People should understand that vaccine is very important.


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