Balika Vadhu fame Neha Marda is sure of winning Bigg Boss 15, said – offers are coming for four years


Neha Marda has been getting offers to join 'Bigg Boss' for the last four years (Photo courtesy: Instagram / nehamarda)

Neha Marda has been getting offers to join ‘Bigg Boss’ for the last four years (Photo courtesy: Instagram / nehamarda)

Preparations are going on for ‘Bigg Boss 15’. In this episode, the show makers have also approached the actress Neha Marda. The actress says that she can win this show.

New Delhi Makers are contacting several celebs for the TV show ‘Bigg Boss 15’. ‘Balika Vadhu’ fame Neha Marda has also got an offer to join the show. The actress is thrilled about the show and claimed to have won the show in an interview. Let me tell you that ‘Bigg Boss’ is creating a lot of controversies due to the antics of his contestants.

Neha Marda gave an interview to India Today I have talked about ‘Bigg Boss 15’. She says, ‘I have been getting offers to go to Bigg Boss for the last four years. I got an offer this year too, but every time I refused to do it, because I thought that I might not win this show. I found it difficult to remain imprisoned in one place, without contacting the outside world. I felt that I could not do it.

(Photo courtesy Instagram / nehamarda)

Neha further says, ‘I used to think that this show is not for me, but now situations like Bigg Boss have also become on the set and make them feel the same. Despite having a phone, we are disconnected from the outside world. Sometimes there is happiness, sometimes there is sadness. We have to keep pace with regular things. We miss our family a lot. ‘To avoid the coronas infection, all the shows and films are being shot in the bio bubble. Neha is also shooting in bio bubble. The actress told that this is just like a mini Bigg Boss house, where neither we can meet anyone nor any outsider can meet us.


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