Bigg Boss 14: Now wild card entry in Salman Khan show, this co-star of Mithun Chakraborty is coming to Bigg Boss house – Bigg Boss 14: Now it’s Bari wild card entry, it’s coming to Bigg Boss house Mithun Chakraborty Co-star?


Bigg Boss 14: Bigg Boss 14 has started with a bang. This time, more than one contestant is appearing in the show. At the same time, gossip is also being started about wild card entry in this show. So there is news that Mithun Chakraborty may hit a co-star entry in Salman Khan’s show. According to TOI report- Bollywood actress Sapna Sapu can be a part of Bigg Boss season 14 as a wild card entry. Sapna has also appeared in Bhojpuri films. So Sapna Sappu also appeared in the film Gunda alongside Mithun Chakraborty.

Sapna Sappu Hindi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati have all worked in around 250 films till now. The actress says – Of course she has not been able to become a big star. According to e-Times- Sapna Sappu said- ‘I don’t regret anything, it’s all a matter of luck. Maybe I failed to become a heroine of a big film. But of course I am the big heroine of short films. I believe that Bollywood is a professional place and emotions do not work here. I have done TV- ‘Jaane Kahan’, but I realized over time that this medium is not for me. I can’t shoot for long because I have a very small child. ‘

Actress Sapna Sapu was married to a Gujarat based businessman in 2013. Now his shot is breaking, the Divorce process is going on. The actress told that she has seen many ups and downs in her life. She told that she came back to Mumbai with her child and relocated. He faced many difficulties with the 5-year-old son Tiger. She says that it becomes very difficult to extract the expense without work.

The actress said- ‘I was very upset about the work. It was as if she had made up her mind to commit suicide. Then I encountered my 5-year-old child. I then promised myself to get out of this situation. I spent all my time in love. Now I have got some work is God’s blessing. Now things are moving forward. ‘

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