Bigg Boss 14, Salman Khan: ‘What is happening in our country, leeches BB14 promo is provoking users Salman Khan show is getting such BAD reactions -‘ What is happening in our country, levity … ‘ Seeing the users getting angry, Salman’s show is getting such reaction


Bigg Boss 14: The task process has started in Bigg Boss house. At the same time, there is a party atmosphere inside the house. A new promo of Bigg Boss has surfaced, which is very sizzling. But on seeing this promo, users are seen very angry on social media. Actually, in the promo, a lonely Siddharth is seen surrounded by girls from the house of Bigg Boss.

All the female contestants of Bigg Boss are in the process of impressing BB Sr. Siddharth. In such a situation, it appears in the video that while taking a shower in the garden area, all the girls go to Siddharth one by one and come close and dance boldly. This video is going viral on social media and it is being opposed. In such a situation, the users are seen saying to the makers of the show – ‘Shame, do you cross all limits for TRP’? Someone targeted Siddharth and saw the old man. So someone said – shame on us Siddhartha.

So someone said – what is happening in our country. So one user said – brother it is lewdness. So when someone shared this video, he scolded the other user, you got the same poor big boss to share. One user said – seeing this is messing with our culture.

A user named Khushi Raj Kapoor said – ‘This is the value of women in our country, on one side you are creating ruckus against rape in the country and on the other side it. One said the world’s best show. So someone said- ‘Yeh dekho yeh is being shown on National Channel.’

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