Congress spokesperson said on exit poll – this is not the time to do the electoral equations, the common man is dying, talk about it But talk


Election Exit Poll Results 2021: To estimate the results of five states, till today, there was a gathering of experts, the Congress spokesperson shook the anchor. In fact, the anchor had asked for his opinion on the anticipated results of Assam. Congress spokesperson said that this is not the time to practice electoral equations. Show pain to the common man. Congress leader Supriya Srinet attacked the TV channel strongly. He said that the common man is dying due to lack of medicines. People are not getting treatment. People are dying here due to lack of oxygen. But instead of taking care of them, you are sitting on exit polls. Is this time for this?
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Anchor Chitra Tripathi hit back, saying that the channel’s sympathies are with the common man. The news which is being shown since morning is of the failed system of common man and governments. He said- We have no need for the advice of Congress. We are well aware of our work. Reporters of Aaj Tak are helping people in every possible way all over UP. Whose will be the coronation? See the most accurate exit poll of the assembly elections! #IndiaTodayExitPoll | #ATLivestream
– AajTak (@aajtak) April 29, 2021

Congress spokesperson said that this is the culmination of insensitivity. He targeted Yogi Sarkar and said that people have been left trusting God. People are dying without treatment. Hospitals are in worse condition. There are reports of patients dying due to lack of oxygen. Yogis, on the other hand, are scaring people with fear of the National Security Act.

He said that at present there are more than 3 lakh 80 thousand cases in the country according to government records. More than three thousand people have died. This should not be the time for electoral discussion. At this time, the channel should try all its time how the common people get the night. How did people control the speed of death?

Senior journalists Prabhu Chawla, Shashi Sheikh and Pradeep Gupta of Survey Company were also present in the program. All these people gave their views on the elections of the five states and told which equations BJP is getting the seats in Assam and Bengal. Most read


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