Expert asks Dilip Ghosh – why are the leaders bringing in from outside, got the answer – it is necessary for the strength of the party – Election Exit Poll Results 2021: Expert asks Dilip Ghosh – why bringing leaders from outside, Received the answer – it is necessary for the strength of the party


Election Exit Poll Results 2021: On Aaj Tak, Expert Prabhu Chawla questioned Bengal BJP Chief Dilip Ghosh as to why he is bringing leaders of other parties from outside. Are there no people in the BJP who can win elections? His reply was that it is necessary for the strengthening of the party. Dilip Ghosh said that for the strength of the party it is necessary that more and more people are added. The party gives place to those who are worthy leaders. This also strengthens the cadre and strengthens democracy within the party from people with different ideologies. He said that this step is necessary for the health of the party. See exit poll of Bengal election here
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Prabhu Chawla’s question was whether the leaders from within the BJP are not feeling disheartened because of the leaders from outside. He was engaged in strengthening the party for a long time. Now the leaders from outside are gaining importance in the party. This only hurts the inner leaders. Does the party not have confidence in the ability of its leaders. Dilip Ghosh said that these things are only right for debate. He said that the BJP is going to win strongly in Bengal. In response to a question, he claimed that the CM will be made by the BJP in Bengal. The MLA and the central leadership of the party, on whom they will show confidence, will take the oath of the CM of Bengal.
Significantly, in Bengal, the BJP did a large number of election management work to find Mamta’s whereabouts. Those close to him were broken one by one. The story started with Mukul Roy and then joined leaders like Shubhendu Adhikari, Dinesh Trivedi in the BJP case caravan. This gave a strong shock to Didi.
However, the biggest setback for the BJP was Sourav Ganguly’s refusal to participate in the election. BJP wanted Saurav to be the face of Bengal BJP and Mamata should be challenged by taking them forward. But Sourav refused. After that dancing superstar Mithun Chakraborty was inducted into the party. But this bet did not last long. Most read.

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