Gulshan Grover Heart Melted Story: Women In Gurudwara used to ask Gulshan Grover’s mother, he was not like that the pain of ‘Bad Man’ was spilled Had the pain of ‘Bad Man’


Actor Gulshan Grover, the ‘Bad Man’ of Hindi cinema, did a tremendous job by becoming a villain in films. Actor Gulshan Grover’s acting is so convincing that the audience used to understand that he is a villain. But it is not so, Gulshan Grover made a lot of papads to achieve this position, worked hard, then only he was able to make his mark in the film world. He was seen in a role like Gulshan Grover, an image of him was made. But on the contrary, Gulshan Grover was a promising student in real life, a brilliant learner and a darling of his mother. The actor himself once told that on such roles in films, many times the women of the street used to stop his mother and ask her if Gulshan was not like that. When actor Gulshan Grover came on Rajat Sharma’s show, he had told- ‘I always used to come first in my class. My name is written in the school – ‘Meritorious student.’ For the first time in that school, the first class distinction in 4 subjects came in the board of higher secondary. After this I went to study in Shri Ram College of Commerce. Where there were more than 93% marks to take admission. Gulshan said- ‘The characters I have in films are their influence. Because of this, when I tell my son that I used to get 93 or 94% marks, then he has also said that dad is a little more. Gulshan had further told- ‘I grew up studying in Delhi. I used to have school at 1 o’clock, so even while studying, I used to do other things. I used to go to sell detergent powder in the morning. Used to show laundry to housewives, ladies. I want to say that due to having less money or being poor, which was my dream that I want to become something, there was no hindrance in it. I also used to sell phenyl with detergent. Had to go out with the uniform. As soon as the work was over, he used to take out the uniform from the bag and wear it and go to school. He told ‘I had lived there ladies, Musian, Aantian, they do not believe to this day that is so good baby can roll this way! When I went to new movies. So I got a chance to work in the film ‘Avatar’. In this film, I was playing the character of an unworthy child. So my mother who goes to the gurudwara every morning, all the women sat around her and started saying, ‘Hi hi, what happened, it was not like that. These Bombay people did something on top of it. Our boy is not like that at all.’ So my mother explained that it is just a role, he is acting. Most read.

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