Indian Idol 12 Jaya Prada and Sridevi were competitors they do not even look at each other Jaya got emotional while telling the story


Both actresses Jaya Prada and Sridevi came from the South Film Industry and both ruled Bollywood for years. But the competition between the two was so much that they did not even look at each other. Jaya Prada and Sridevi worked together in many films, even though there was no interaction between them. Jaya Prada recently reached the set of Sony TV’s singing reality show Indian Idol 12 where she spoke about her complicated relationship with Sridevi. Remembering Sridevi, Jaya Prada said, ‘I am one of the luckiest people who worked with Sridevi. There was no fight between Sridevi and me but the chemistry of both of us did not match. On screen there was so much competition between us, be it dance, dress, competition everywhere. We did not see each other. One surprising thing is that every day we were introduced to each other that this is Sridevi ji and that Jaya Prada and we just used to say hello. ‘ During the film’s motive, Rajesh Khanna and Jitendra had locked them in the same room for a few hours to have a conversation between the two. Despite this, both of them did not speak. Referring to this incident, Jaya Prada said, “After closing the hours, Jeetu ji got upset and opened the door and asked me what happened?” I said nothing happened. Sridevi also went away laughing. Jaya became emotional on the show remembering Prada Sridevi. He said, ‘I miss her today. I became alone. At least there would be competition for both of us, but today I am completely alone. That pair is over. Perhaps you are listening to Sridevi from above, competition is right, but if you were in front of us today, it would have been very good. I wish we could talk both. Sridevi and Jaya Prada worked together in films like Motu, Aulad, Aakhri Rasta, Tohfaa, Mavali. In the following years the relationship between the two was fixed. When Jaya Prada invited Sridevi to her son Siddharth’s wedding, Sridevi had joined in the wedding, forgetting all the grievances. Together, both of them also took photos, which people liked very much. Sridevi passed away on 24 February 2018. Most read.

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