kapil sharma show mukesh khanna says the world is asking you kapil sharma your show is obscene or not Told- what do you mind


Mukesh Khanna is seen as a constant attacker on ‘Kapil Sharma Show’. A few days ago, he called the show puffy and ridiculous, to which comedian Kapil Sharma gave his response. Now Mukesh Khanna has written a long post on Instagram in response to his response in which he even went as far as to say that Kapil can also eat jail air on the charge of obscenity. Mukesh Khanna wrote on his Instagram account, ‘After all, who had the right to speak. Someone said that a lot of agreement was given to Mukesh Khanna. Indeed? Is the answer really scary? They say, ‘We are sharing a smile. And that too in this difficult period. ‘ So there was no sharing of brother. There was a way to distribute. He did not say anything on that. Mukesh Khanna further wrote, ‘Sharing laughter, making people laugh, nothing can work better than this. Whatever you do for this, it cannot be accepted either. Standing on the road, if you dance and dance, then the viewer will laugh but it cannot be named a comedy! On the contrary, you can also eat jail air on the charge of obscenity. ‘ Mukesh Khanna further said, ‘I only object to the cheapness of this show’s comedy. The actors are acting well. But he would have done better if he had got the script even better and decently. Then to say ‘this we are doing in this tough time’ no sir, you have been doing this for years. Years ago, while wearing a costume of a divine and gracious character like Shaktimaan, you also did a stupid comedy of flaunting decency by showing a poor skit like a honeymoon. So don’t spin it. The world is asking you the answer whether your comedy contains pornography or not? Let us tell you that recently, Kapil Sharma responded to Mukesh Khanna’s allegations, saying that his team is working to bring a smile on the face of people at the time of Corona. He said, ‘The world is going through a very difficult phase, in such a situation it is even more necessary to make people laugh. It depends on every person, what he wants to find happiness and what is lacking. I have chosen Khushi and I am focusing on my work. This is my first job for me and I will continue this work. Actually a few days ago Kapil Sharma reached some of the top actors of Mahabharata in an episode of the show. Mukesh Khanna, who played the role of Bhishma Pitamah, did not go and called the show laughable and vulgar. Join us for Hindi news Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram Join and download Hindi News App. If interested in

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