Mukesh Khanna once again furious on The Kapil Sharma Show Said there is no need of clumsiness in comedy


Actor Mukesh Khanna has once again hit out at comedy king Kapil Sharma’s popular show, ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. He has said that in comedy there is no need for sloppiness nor double meaning dialogues are needed. In fact, famous comedian Sunil Pal had come as a guest on Mukesh Khanna’s show ‘The Mukesh Khanna Show’, during whom he targeted the show. Mukesh Khanna said, “What I show start his, my point is not even that need comedy obscenity, do not need comedy double meaning dialogues. There is no need in comedy to show baldness and dance wearing girls’ clothes. Mukesh Khanna further said that today’s shows have brought down the level of comedy. He said, “today’s reality shows say or ask, comedy has taken in a direction somewhere mother show full of these vulgarity Muse will not like. I had spoken suddenly one day when people told me that sir why do you speak like this, it is a show with such a big TRP. Artists of Mahabharata are also talking stupid after reaching there. Mukesh Khanna took the name of Kapil Sharma and said that he was a good artist earlier but this is happening to him due to direction etc. Let me tell you that a few months ago, arrived artists all the Mahabharata in an episode of Kapil Sharma show where Mukesh Khanna, who has been playing the role of grandfather Bhishma in the Mahabharata, absent. When the fans asked him the reason for not going on the show, he told that he was called but he refused to go. He called the show sloppy and obscene. Reacting to this, Kapil Sharma said that he and his team are working to share smiles on the faces of people in the difficult times of Kovid. It is up to each person that what he wants to find happiness in and what is lacking in it. Taking a jibe at Kapil Sharma, Mukesh Khanna had again said that there are ways to share happiness. He was, by ‘standing on the street or you can not be given the name of comedy it would be fun to stay at the fabric strip dance. On the contrary, you can even go to jail for obscenity charges. Most read.

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