News 18, Amish Devgan Live Debate: Who is it who do you bring cheap debate does not sound good panelist Blast on Amish Devgan’s debate show; Got such an answer – Who is it, who do you bring? Cheap debate does not sound like panelist speaking on Amish Devgan’s debate show; Got such an answer


The live debate of News18 India sparked a heated debate between TMC supporter Tausif Khan and Rajya Sabha MP Rakesh Sinha. Tausif Khan responded to Rakesh Sinha’s apology for the humiliation of Dalits in Amish Devgan’s Debate Show. In the debate, Rakesh Sinha, while putting his point above, says- ‘This is not an insult to the Dalits, an insult to the 130 crore people of the country’. MP Rakesh Sinha was constantly repeating this matter in the debate. At the same time, when Tausif Khan, a supporter of TMC, started to speak, Rakesh Sinha started talking about it again at that time. When he did not stop even after speaking again, Tausif Khan asked for Rakesh Sinha, “Who is this man?” Complaining to Amish Devgan, she said – Cheap debate does not look good. If they are given a chance, they will speak, if I am given a chance, I will speak. MP Rajya Sabha Rakesh Sinha said in response – What strange and poor things have you started talking, this is not the time for speech. So at the same time, JDU spokesperson Ajay Alok asked Tausif Khan a question on the Cooch Behar incident? To which he could not answer and became silent. JDU spokesperson asked- Tausif Bhai Your Bengal Police arrested 3 people in this case. Telling the names of the three, on National TV Channel?

What did Tausif Khan answer to Rakesh Sinha’s apology for the humiliation of Dalits.#coochbeharfiring #WestBengalElections #MamtaBanerjee #BJP #TMC @AMISHDEVGAN
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Amish says during this – Tausif you are being asked something. Tausif does not say anything on this, then JDU spokesperson says that see this is appeasement. The mosque was not lynched at 3 o’clock in the mosque, announcing that the plan was murdered. Seeing this debate, people’s reactions started coming out. One user said – all those with TMC are hypocrites, one law for themselves, another law for another! One said – If the soldiers posted at the booth in Cooch Behar did not shoot, then the mob of miscreants would kill the soldiers. The miscreants prevented the public from even casting their votes. Today all the voters are voting in the security of the soldiers. A user named Nitin wrote – Thankfully people like Tausif say this through video. If you do this in public, then the public will not listen.

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