Poll of exit polls: NDTV estimates – Mamta Banerjee will form government after winning again in Bengal


Election Exit Poll Results 2021: In Poll of Exit Polls, NDTV has claimed that Pt. Mamta Banerjee will form the government again by winning in Bengal. However, his party Trinamool will get less seats than last time. It is estimated that Mamta’s party will get 149 seats this time. Talking of allies, Trinamool + will get a total of 156 seats. P. Bengal has an assembly of 294 seats. The last time Mamata won 202 seats. The majority figure in the province is 148. From this perspective, it is clear that Mamta is going to form the government this time with a small margin. That is, they will always remain a threat from the BJP. There will also be a danger of the government collapsing with a split in the party.
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See exit poll of West Bengal here p. In the Bengal elections, the BJP is seen to be winning seats. Last time it had got only 3 seats. Although the BJP won 18 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, it was embarrassing for the party to have just 3 members in the assembly. That too when the central leadership insisted on a peak in 2016. According to the poll, the BJP can get 116 seats this time. The majority figure in the 140-member assembly of Kerala is 71. According to poll estimates, the left wing is very close to forming the government here. It is seen winning 76 seats. His fight here was with the Congress-led United Democratic Front. According to the poll, he could not retain the lead that Rahul Gandhi had given to his front-run front in Kerala in the Lok Sabha elections.

In the 126-seat assembly in Assam, the BJP is seen to be winning again. BJP + is seen winning 76 seats here. That is, the Sonowal government will retain power again. The faction led by the Congress seems to get only 40-50 seats here. According to India Today’s exit poll, the same situation is in Assam. BJP’s front can win 75-85 seats while Congress is seen getting 40-50 seats.

The DMK is looking close to forming the government in the 234-seat assembly in Tamil Nadu. She is looking to win this election unilaterally. The majority figure here is 118. Talking about Puducherry, the Congress alliance is seen getting 12 seats in the 30-seat assembly. The majority figure here is 16. That is, the multiplication of political parties to form a government is going to be very big. Most read.

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