Prashant Kishore said – BJP will get 40% votes in West Bengal elections, but seats will not cross


Election strategist Prashant Kishore claims that Pt. The BJP is going to get 40 per cent of the votes in the Bengal elections, but even then their seats will not cross 100. If this happens, then he will stop working on his own. In a conversation with Aaj Tak, Prashant admitted that the influence of PM Narendra Modi is being seen in the Bengal elections, but CM Mamata Banerjee is also a strong leader. There is a section of people behind her, due to which she became CM. How can they be dismissed in such a situation? He claims that Mamta will form the government in Bengal. Prashant said that BJP is campaigning aggressively. Mamta’s people are also being targeted, but even after that their pulses are not going to melt. The affection of Mamata among the people of Bengal remains intact even today. Mamta is firmly standing in the election field due to this people’s engagement. The election strategist said that BJP had won 18 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. This means that it has influence over about 125 assembly seats. But even after winning so many seats, there is no possibility of forming his government. He said that the figure required for a majority in the 294-seat assembly is far from the reach of the BJP.

In response to a question from the anchor, Prashant said that he is firm on what he said that the BJP will not cross the hundred mark. He said that if this happens, he will give up the work he is doing. According to Prashant, it does not make sense to remain his election strategist. He said that he has a deep understanding in the work he is doing.

On a question by anchor Anjana On Kashyap, she said that there is no such thing as a chat leak. He was well aware that many people are listening to what he is saying. But BJP only made a part of it public. BJP should have kept the entire chat in front of the people. Most read.

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