Rajesh Khanna’s Bigg Boss Fees, Total Net Worth: When Rajesh Khanna’s was entering in Bigg Boss house Kaka’s demand was not considered Superstar also refused to come


Bigg Boss, the most controversial show on TV, does something new every season. From Bigg Boss house (set) to Contestant of the show, this show remains in the discussion. Every time, one more persona is seen in this show. Some come as a guest on the show and some come as participants. In such a situation, the makers of this show also offered to 80s superstar Rajesh Khanna to come to Bigg Boss house. In 2009, Rajesh Khanna got an invite from Bigg Boss Show, for which he had also agreed. But Rajesh Khanna did not come in the last moment. Rajesh Khanna was ready to enter the show but he placed a condition in front of the makers that the makers could not fulfill. There are more than one contraverses in the show. So there were more than one stories in Rajesh Khanna’s life. The makers had made up their mind about Rajesh Khanna because with the arrival of Rajesh Khanna, the show would get a lot of content and Big Boss would have benefited. But Rajesh Khanna also wanted that if he comes on this show, then the makers have to accept some of his conditions. This was the time when the show was hosted by Amitabh Bachchan, not Salman Khan. It was a big deal for the show that two super duper stars would be seen hosting a show and leading a show as contestants, all the records of TRP could be broken. When Rajesh Khanna came to know about the concept of the show, at first he said that he would not go to any such show. He then agreed to enter the show. In such a situation, a meeting of Rajesh Khanna was held with the channel. At that time the show makers had said to give Rs 3.5 crore to Rajesh Khanna. At that time, no contestant of this show was offered such a huge amount. Rajesh Khanna agreed to appear on the show after this. When everything was final, Rajesh Khanna placed another demand in front of the makers. Rajesh Khanna had said that a drink would have to be arranged for him in Bigg Boss house, because he could not live without a drink and he drinks everyday. They told the makers that they would have to allow them inside the house. Here, according to the concept of the show, it was impossible for which the makers could not accept this thing of the superstar. In such a situation, Rajesh Khanna refused to appear on the show. Let us tell you, in the year 2009, the third season of Bigg Boss Show came in which Vindu Dara Singh, Parvesh, Poonam, Adithik, Claudia, Raju, Shamita Shetty, Ismail Darbar were also there as contestants. The winner of this show was Vindu Dara Singh. At that time, Vindu had received 1 crore rupees as a prize money. Most read.

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