Rubina Dileik shared her horrific experience with a bollywood director – Rubina Dilac shared a horrifying anecdote – Bollywood director wanted to fart on her mouth


It is not easy for TV actors to travel to the big screen except for the small screen. Rubina Dilac, who is now a part of Bigg Boss 14 and performed a stellar performance in the TV serial ‘Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’, turned to Bollywood 6 years ago, but her experiences were horrifying. .

TV host and voice-over artist Siddharth Kannan shared a video of the interview with Rubina Dilac on her YouTube channel a few days ago. Rubina told in an interview that when she went to work in Bollywood 6 years ago, a famous Bollywood director, producer said that I want to fart on your mouth.

Referring to her experiences, Rubina said, ‘6 years ago I talked to many people in Bollywood for work but I did not get any good experience from there. TV actors are seen with inferiority complex. Is a tv actor? Which show did you do well? We have not seen it. You got your background, credentials, approach, what car you are coming from, whether you have Jimmy Choo shoes or not, that was a Fonda, and I am not a brand shave at all. Well you were judged on things. Screen test was the last thing to be a part of a project. All these things left a very bad impression on me and I really thought what happens as well? You think at that time and pray that all these things do not happen to you. ‘

Rubina further said, ‘I will not name those directors, producers, they are big names of Bollywood. They told me that you saw that movie? I said no, I was in school at that time. She came from a conservative family in Shimla, we were not allowed to go to the movies outside the house, we had to come home before 7 pm, so I did not see that film. Then he said really! So you don’t know what I have done? I feel like farting on your face. I was shocked. He was laughing and sitting on the chair telling me that you know what I have done. You know who i am Do you know who is going to give you an opportunity? I said that I just want to run away from here. ‘

Rubina Dilac says that all that was not theirs and they are happy with TV.

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