Shefali Jariwala Marriage, Breakup, Divorce, Relationship, Personal Life Details: Bigg Boss 13 Popular Actress Shefali Jariwala’s first marriage was broken, the actress counted the big reasons for breaking the relationship Has listed the big reasons for breaking the relationship


‘Kaanta laga’ music video fame actress Shefali Jariwala these days shares a stylish and romantic photos on social media with her husband Parag Tyagi. Recently, Bigg Boss fame actress Shefali Jariwala talked about her past yesterday, first marriage and divors without any hesitation. This is Shefali’s second marriage with Parag Tyagi. Earlier, Shefali was married to Harmeet Singh. This marriage did not last long. After this, Shefali divorced Harmeet. Now the actress, while revealing on the failure of her first marriage, said – every kind of violence is like physical violence. According to Times Now Digital, the actress says that she has suffered a lot of mental torture. The actress says- ‘It is very important to understand that you are not being appreciated in a relationship. Not every type of violence is physical, but none the less. There is also a thing called mental torture. This makes you very unhappy in your life, un-happy. ‘ The actress says that even today, Divorce is a taboo in our society. Shefali says- ‘I took this decision because I am an independent girl. I was earning money, I was not dependent on anyone. Divorce is considered a big thing even today. But the way I was raised, I do not worry about the society. I do what I think is right. I made some decisions in my life for which I got a lot of support from my family too. She further said- ‘Women need to understand whether she is leading a happy life or not! If she is not able to live happily then believe me there are people around you who can help you to get out of that situation. ‘ Let me tell you, actress Shefali was divorced in the year 2009 from Harmeet Singh. After the divorce, Harmeet married Sunaina Singh in the year 2010. Shefali married TV actor Parag Tyagi in 2014. Let me tell you, Bigg Boss fame Shefali Jariwala started her career with a remix song which created panic among the youth. His career also started with Tukke. The makers of the remix song ‘Kanta Laga’ had become so fond of Shefali that she had chosen Shefali as the main lead in the song only after having a glimpse in the middle. That’s where Shefali’s glamorous career began. However, after appearing in some of the two music albums, the actress Shefali went missing from the music world. Later, it was reported that Shefali got married and settled. Shefali married Harmeet Singh of ‘Meet Brothers’, a well-known couple in the music industry. In 2005, Shefali Jariwala and Harmeet Singh tied the knot. But after a few years, there were reports of Shefali and Harmeet’s separation. Not only this, Shefali also made a charge of domestic violence against Harmeet. The actress had lodged an FIR against Harmeet in which she accused him of defaulting and abusing her. Most read.

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