Today will be the first nomination task toofani Seniors siddharth shukla hina khan gauhar khan decides to evict – Bigg Boss 14, 12th October 2020 episode live updates


Bigg Boss 14: Punjabi singer Sara Gurpal’s journey ended with Bigg Boss 14. In the nomination process, Nishant was nominated by more people but Siddharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan fresher Rahul, Nishant and Sara were caught in the names. While Siddharth took Sara’s name, Hina and Gauhar took Nishant’s name. On Bigg Boss’s asking, the trio used Sara Gurpal’s name to be homeless.

Seniors, stating the reason for doing the act, said that she was unable to do what we had expected. We do not think they do not have potential, they do, but she could not open herself up. She kept asking for time but there is no time here. After the Seniors opinion, Bigg Boss asks Sara to leave the house immediately.

Who did the nominee

– Jasmine Bhasin nominated Nishant and Jan Sanu
– Jan Sanu nominated Rahul and Sara Gurpal
– Nishant nominates Shahzad and Rahul Vaidya
– Ejaz Khan nominated Rahul and Nishant Singh Malkani
– Abhinav nominated Rahul Vaidya and Nishant
– Rubina nominated Nishant and Ejaz Khan
– Pavitra Punia nominated Rahul and Ejaz Khan
– Rahul Vaidya nominated Abhinav and Nishant

Let me tell you that the first week of Bigg Boss, the family had to face the anger of Salman Khan. In the first ‘Weekend Ka War’, Salman Khan reprimanded the freshers and said that if he does not play the game thoughtfully, he will be out of the house after two weeks. Regarding the task, Salman even said at the end of the show that 10 contestants should pack themselves and leave the house.

Before that you saw that the stormy seniors task the freshers to position themselves from good to bad, seeing their performance in the house with mutual consent. But they did not perform well. On which Salman Khan was very angry. Salman had expressed his displeasure on Sunday by saying what do you all think of yourself. You should work hard. He taunted that gentlemen have come here for the first time. I have never seen such brotherhood.


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