When P Chidambaram started taking ‘interview’ of Lalu in English, RJD leader gave the answer- Teaching, what are you asking? What are you asking?


At the award ceremony of ndtv profit, P. Chidambaram asked the then Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav if he was thinking of pursuing a career in teaching. Lalu replied in his familiar style, Teaching, what are you asking? In fact, Lalu was honored in the program of the news channel for bringing benefits to the railways. When Lalu went on stage, Union Minister P Chidambaram was also present along with anchor Pranab Roy. Celebrities like Mukesh Ambani were also present at the ceremony. Lalu was asked questions on the railway ministry on stage. Pranab asked, Lalu ji are you a businessman. Lalu replied snidely that he is not an entrepreneur. In the early days he used to do milk business. During that time he did not have the work of writing studies. During that time he had some experiences. P Chidambaram asked on his achievement that you are now a Professor of Business instead of a Minister. Is he thinking about teaching? Lalu’s answer was that after the turnaround of Indian Railways and the job of filling the bag of the Finance Ministry, after that, the children of the universities abroad come to question them. He questions the railway.

Lalu said that a person is a professor of one place, but he remains a professor around the world. Teaches people He said, I am teaching the boy and girl, including teacher all over the world. After that the interview ends. But Lalu kept echoing in the hall as long as he was on stage. The way he was answering Pranab and Chidambaram’s questions, he made people laugh.

Significantly, in UPA One, Lalu took over as Railway Minister. During that time, the loss-making railway had started making profits. This thing became famous all over the world. After that, many management schools abroad including Howard used to come to Lalu to ask him how to bring the railways to profit. Lalu had also lectured on this in several universities. He had told how he brought the railways to a position of profit without increasing the freight. That management of Lalu is still a subject of research for the people. For this achievement, he was honored at the award ceremony of ndtv profit in 2008. Most read.

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