Bigg Boss 14: Bigg Boss 14: OMG again this is not a public show from nowhere Sara Gurpal Slam Bigg Boss Show to Evict Shahzad Deols from Salman Show Sara Gurpal was angry at Deol’s eviction, reacted like this


The contestant who has come to Bigg Boss’s house will also go. Will remain in the end, just the winner. Sara Gurpal also became homeless in the first week. She has still not been able to digest this fact as her eviction was not based on public voting. Was based on the Seniors final decision. Sara was very disappointed by this. Now in the second week it happened to Shahzad Deol.

Contestants are always eliminated on the basis of public voting in Bigg Boss shows. But this time, according to the decision of the Seniors inside the house, the contestants are being taken out of the house. During Sara’s time too, the fans had said on social media that it is completely unfamiliar. After Shahzad’s Eviction, Sara said- ‘O my God again? I don’t think any fair game is being played. Very Disappointment, from Shahzad’s Eviction. May this Gabru of Punjab get strength and…. ‘

Many fans reacted to this post of Sara. One said – no one belongs to this game. Everything is setup. Someone said – the whole script is already written. Who has to decide when to leave. One user said – brother, this game is all live indoors, so how will the game progress. So someone said- ‘Sara is very bad with you. We want to see you back. ‘

One user said – Both Sara and Shehzad used to stay in this show. But favoriteism is here too. A user named Sanvi Dhingra said – The name is a public show. Everyone else is the bystand here. One user said – Bhai Salman is brother’s show.

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