How to keep the car safe in summer, there will be no fear of tire burst, follow these 6 tips. car care tips for summers in india these 6 tricks will help you to keep your 4 wheelers safe


Car care tips are very important in the summer season. In addition to servicing it from time to time, while checking on the long route, please check its tire pressure.

How to keep the car safe in summer, there will be no fear of tire burst, follow these 6 tips

Take care of the car in summer

As soon as the summer season arrives, it becomes necessary to take care of the four-wheeler (Car Care Tips) vehicle. Because the condition of the car can get worse due to standing in the sun all day and traveling many kilometers nonstop. Sometimes it increases the risk of tire bursting and fire in the car.

To avoid these problems, proper care of the car is very important. For this, get the car serviced from time to time and check it regularly. Sometimes a little carelessness can lead to a big accident. In such a situation, these dangers can be avoided by following some basic tips.

1. During the hot days, the pressure of the car increases, especially on the highway, the air pressure increases in its tires. In such a situation, the risk of tire bursting increases many times, so try to keep the air a little lower and keep the pressure check.

2. In the summer season, friction is created by driving a car on the road. Due to which the hot air starts rising in the tire. To avoid this problem, replace nitrogen with air. With this, the temperature will be controlled.

3. As soon as the summer season arrives, no one drives a car without running the AC. But if you have an old car, do not run it without servicing the car at all, otherwise the pressure on the engine may increase. So before running the AC, get it properly checked.

4. Engine belts are broken many times due to heat because they are made of rubber. Due to the heat, the rubber starts melting, due to which cracks and melting start to occur. To avoid this problem, keep checking the belts of the car regularly. If needed, replace them immediately.

5. Never make petrol or diesel tank full in summer season. Because standing in the sun for too long may cause fuel leakage. Sometimes it poses a risk of fire. To avoid this, keep the fuel tank slightly empty, it will not overflow.

6. During the summer days, try to park the car in a place where there is shade. Because leaving the car in the sun can cause its color to get fed. Also the tires can stretch.

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