Kangana Ranaut targeted Aamir Khan, said – How much suffering has the intolerance gang endured?


New Delhi | Kangana Ranaut has been continuously tweeting on social media since the FIR was lodged against her. Now recently Kangana has tried to target Aamir Khan through a tweet. Kangana tweeted, as Rani Laxmibai’s fort was demolished, my house was demolished. As Savarkar was jailed for rebellion, all efforts are being made to send me to jail. Going from the intolerance gang, someone asks how much suffering they have endured in this intelligent country?

Kangana has tagged Aamir Khan in this tweet.

As Rani Laxmibai’s fort was broken, my house broke, just as Savarkar was jailed for rebellion, I am also trying my best to send him to jail, no one has asked how many people have gone through the Gang of Intolerance in this internal country. In? @aamir_khan

Earlier Kangana wrote, Pappu army is waiting

After the complaint was filed, Kangana tweeted, ‘Who is observing the fast in Navratri. This photo is from today’s celebrations. I too have fasted. Meanwhile another FIR has been filed against me. Pappu army of Maharashtra seems to be missing me a lot. Don’t miss me that much I am coming there soon. ‘

Explain that an FIR has been registered against Kangana and her sister Rangoli under sections 295 (a) 153 (a) and 124 (a) of the Indian Penal Code. The Bandra court ordered the registration of an FIR against Kangana and her sister following a complaint by casting director Sahil Ashraf Sayyed.

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According to reports, petitioners named Munna Varali and Sahil Ashraf Syed had filed a petition in the court seeking registration of an FIR against Kangana’s tweet as provocative.

The petition alleged that Kangana was creating a gap between Hindu and Muslim artists through her tweets and interviews on TV channels.

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