Kishore Kumar, Screen Sensation: 10 movies that define playback legend as an actor


Kishore Kumar, Screen Sensation: 10 movies that define playback legend as an actor

Kishore Kumar, Screen Sensation: 10 movies that define playback legend as an actor

Tuesday is the 33rd death anniversary of playback storyteller Kishore Kumar, who died on this day in 1987. To define versatility as just the iconic singer that it would be unfair. Kishore Kumar is also celebrated as a great actor besides a screenwriter, director, producer and composer till date.

Today, let’s take a look at some of his memorable performances as an actor.

NAUKARI (1954)

Kishore Kumar played the lead role with Sheila Ramani in the direction of Bimal Roy. Job is one of the earliest films that helped Kishore Kumar gain fame as an actor.

ADHIKAR (1954)

The romantic comedy featured Kishore Kumar and Usha Kiran in the lead roles. Directed by Mohan Sehgal, the film did well at the box office.

Bhai Bhai (1956)

The film gave real life to Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar as siblings. “Bhai-Bhai” was directed by MV Raman.


The Bengali romance-com features Kishore Kumar in a dual role opposite Mala Sinha and Anita Guha. The film, directed by Kamal Mazumdar, was produced under the banner of Kishore Kumar Films. The songs sung by Kishore Kumar are “Shing Ni Tobu Naam Ter Shingho” and “Ek Polokar Ekatu Dev”, which are popular till date.


Madhubala starred with comedians Ashok Kumar, Anoop Kumar and Kishore Kumar in lead roles and Satyen Bean acted. “Babu Samujo Ishaare”, “Ek Lori Bhagi Bhagiasi”, “Hum Woh Aur Seema …” and “Kaisa Yeh Hai Janab Ka” are popular Kishore Kumar from the film.

Jhumro (1961)

Kishore Kumar and Madhubala starred in this musical romantic comedy film starring Shankar Mukherjee. “Main Hoon Jhumaru” and “No Hamdum Nahi” in Kishore’s voice remain the evergreen numbers from the film.


Kishore Kumar acted alongside Madhubala in this Hindi classic directed by Kalidas. His work as an aging little boy seems hilarious even after all these years.

Dwar Gagan Ki Chhaon Mein (1964)

An adaptation of the American film “The Proud Rebel”, the film was written, directed and produced by Kishore Kumar. She starred in the film with son Amit Kumar and Bengali film actress Supriya Chaudhary. The film received critical acclaim.

Padosan (1968)

The musical comedy, played by Jyoti Swaroop, is counted among Bollywood’s greatest comedy ever. Based on the Bengali film “Pasher Bari”, it stars Kishore Kumar with Sunil Dutt, Saira Banu and Mehmood. The film is remembered for compositions by RD Burman, such as “Mere Samne Wali Khidki Pe” and “Kenna Hai” sung by Kishore Kumar, and “Ek Chatur Naar” by Kishore Kumar, Manan Dey and Mahmood.

Hungama (1971)

The SM Abbas-directed comedy stars Kishore Kumar, Vinod Khanna, Zeenat Aman, Mahmood, Johnny Walker and others.

With these and many brilliant performances, especially in the comedy genre, Abhash Kumar Ganguly – known by his screen name Kishore Kumar – left an indelible mark in the den of Bollywood lovers.

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