Like a car, you will get AC like cool in two wheeler, put this device in the helmet in summer. helmet cooler get relief on summer season while riding bike or other two wheelers


The helmet cooler is a better option to avoid the heat while driving a bike or scooty. For this, by applying a special device in a normal helmet, you can get coolness in it. You can also use a readymade helmet cooler.

Like a car, you will get AC coolness in a two wheeler, put this device in the helmet in summer

Helmet cooler

It is very difficult to travel with a two wheeler in summer. Running a bike or scooty for too long in scorching sun can cause many physical problems. But this summer your problem can be solved in a pinch. Actually, there are many such devices in the market that can make the normal helmet cool like AC. You can also take a readymade AC helmet if you want.

Such helmets will not only give you coolness, but they will also help in keeping the body temperature normal during riding. You will get these helmets and devices for one and a half to three and a half thousand rupees. You can also buy them online or from local stores. Today we will tell you about such devices, through which you can enjoy AC like a car in two wheeler too.

BluArmor’s BluSnap device

To use the helmet in summer and to get cool like AC, you can put a device called BluArmor’s BluSnap (BluSnap) in it. This device throws air inside the helmet and helps reduce heat. Not only this, it also prevents dust particles from coming in.

How to fit

This device is fitted at the bottom in the helmet. Especially where you have a chin. This device has a belt and stickers. Instructions are written in the box. You can easily set it at home by reading it. It has a fan and a water filter is installed to cool it like AC. Due to which the cool air inside the helmet is circulated.

Helmet cooler

There are also readymade helmet coolers in the market, which give coolness like AC. These are available from many different companies. BluArmor also sells its own helmet cooler. Its price ranges from around 1299 to about two and a half thousand rupees. The helmet cooler has a lithium ion battery, which can be charged with a USB cable. Its battery backup is 10 hours.

USB cable can charge

The helmet cooler was prepared by PK Sundararajan from Bengaluru, Karnataka. He graduated from IIT Madras. You can find this gadget that keeps the helmet cool on all e-commerce websites. This device with lithium ion battery can be charged with USB cable. This device has a small water tank and works on the principle of room cooler.

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