lost your aadhaar card how to download online in few minutes uidai steps | Lost Aadhar card is not a worry, get these 3 instant methods made again

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Lost your Aadhaar Card? Do you not even remember your Aadhaar number?

Aadhaar card is the most important document related to your identity in today’s time. You need an Aadhaar number for every important job. People always keep it with them because it is a necessary document. But due to this imperative, it is also most likely to eat. If your Aadhaar card is also lost, then you need not worry. Aadhaar issuing agency UIDAI has also provided facility to issue duplicate Aadhaar. With the help of which you can get new basis in a little effort.

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You have three options

If your base is lost. So you have two ways to create a duplicate base. If you wish, you can apply for a new duplicate Aadhaar. You can also get duplicate Aadhaar by calling a particular number. At the same time, you can also apply for duplicate e Aadhaar. This e-Aadhaar is also valid like your normal Aadhaar card. At the same time, you do not even have to wait for it. You can get duplicate e basis with just a few steps.

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Get duplicate e-Aadhaar card by calling this number

You can get a duplicate copy of the Aadhaar card by visiting the Aadhaar Enrollment Center or calling the toll free number. Users can call UIDAI’s toll free number 1947 and request for duplicate Aadhaar. Here is how:

  • Step 1: Call UIDAI’s toll free number 1800 180 1947 or 1947
  • Step 2: Follow the IVR options and opt to talk to the Aadhaar executive
  • Step 3: Make a duplicate copy of your Aadhaar card to the executive
  • Step 4: The executive will ask you some questions to identify you
  • Step 5: Once identified, the executive will accept your request and begin the process
  • Step 6: Duplicate Aadhaar card will be sent to your residential address mentioned by post

How to get duplicate Aadhaar Card

If your mobile number is linked to Aadhaar card, you can apply for duplicate Aadhaar by visiting UIDAI website. On the other hand, if your mobile number is not registered, then you can visit the nearest Aadhaar Enrollment Center and request for duplicate Aadhaar. To get duplicate Aadhaar, you have to follow this method-

  • Step 1: Go to the nearest Aadhaar Enrollment Center and fill the Aadhaar Card Correction Form
  • Step 2: If you know your Aadhaar number or enrollment number, you can request the registrar to issue duplicate Aadhaar
  • Step 3: Or else? Executives will verify your biometrics and request duplicate basis
  • Step 4: After successfully accepting your request, your Aadhaar will be sent to your residential address.

How to get duplicate e Aadhaar card online

If your mobile number is enrol with Aadhaar then you can download e Aadhaar from UIDAI website.

  1. Step 1: You will be asked to choose your Aadhaar number or enrollment ID
  2. Step 2: Enter your Aadhaar number or enrollment ID, full name, PIN code
  3. Step 3: An otipi will be sent to the register mobile number
  4. Step 4: Enter the received OTP on the mobile in the Enter OTP tab and click on Validate and Generate.
  5. Step 5: Your Aadhaar will be prepared as a PDF file

If the Aadhaar number or enrollment ID is not known

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of UIDAI
  • Step 2: Choose either Aadhaar Number or Enrollment Number
  • Step 3: Enter basic information like register name, email address and mobile number with UID
  • Step 4: Type the security code displayed on the screen and click on the Get OTP button
  • Step 5: An OTP will be sent to the person’s register mobile number or email address
  • Step 6: Enter the received OTP on the mobile number and click on the Verify button
  • Step 7: You will get a message on your mobile number which will have your Aadhaar or Enrollment Number
  • Step 8: After getting the Aadhaar number or enrollment ID, the user can visit the website

How to recover your lost base

  1. Go to the official website of UIDAI.
  2. Click Retrieve Lost UID / EID option, which will redirect you to a new page.
  3. Select either of these two options. Retrieve the Aadhaar number or the Aadhaar enrollment number received.
  4. This Retrieve Lost UID EID tool can be used to get your Aadhaar enrollment ID EID along with your Aadhaar number UID.
  5. In the next page, make sure that the Aadhaar number is selected on the left side of the page to get your Aadhaar number on mobile.
  6. Enter captcha for verification.
  7. Click the Send OTP button.
  8. After receiving the OTP, enter it for verification.
  9. After verification, the Aadhaar number or enrollment ID will be sent to your registered email ID or mobile number.


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