TRP Case, Republic Bharat, Arnab Goswami: May Arnab Do Not Do Suicide Republic TV did Minister Nawab Malik’s sting


A sting of Nawab Malik, an NCP leader and a minister in the Maharashtra government, has surfaced. This is done by Sting Republic TV. In this sting, NCP leader Nawab Malik is reportedly saying that Arnab Goswami should not commit suicide. Nawab Malik is considered close to NCP national president Sharad Pawar.

In a sting video released by the Republic, the reporter asks Nawab Malik, “Sir, what is going on in the case, why are you behind the Republic?” After this, the Nawab owner is seen saying, ‘Who is behind him’. In response, the sting reporter says – Sarkar.

After that, Nawab Malik, the strong leader of NCP, says, ‘He (Arnab Goswami) is mad, sometimes I am afraid that he may not commit suicide. What happens is the place where he is going. Because he is sitting inside, he is feeling that the world is going on like this. Suddenly he will come to know that this is nothing, it is a throw in which a man can do anything.

Since Nawab Malik’s sting surfaced, Republic TV has described it as a conspiracy by the parties involved in the Maharashtra government. Republic TV has said that these people cannot scare us with fake cases.

A few days ago, Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh claimed to have exposed the alleged TRP scam. Parambir Singh in his press conference also accused Republic TV of being involved in the TRP scam. While Arnab Goswami is saying that the Republic is not named in the FIR of the TRP scam.

Arnab Goswami called it a conspiracy of the Maharashtra government. Since the TRP scam, Arnab Goswami has been consistently targeting Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh and other TV channels in his TV debates. On Republic TV, Arnab Goswami had said that Parambir Singh was conspiring with some friendly journalists to implicate the Republic. He also targeted Rajat Sharma of India TV, Sudhir Chaudhary of Zee News and Aaj Tak.

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