TV actress Nia Sharma trolled for Vulgar birthday cake Naagin actress reacted to trolls comments – Nia Sharma, Naagin actress reacted to troll comments


‘Naagin’ fame actress Nia Sharma had her birthday on 17 September. The friends of the actress celebrated Nia’s birthday with great fanfare. But Nia trolled as soon as the birthday pictures were shared on social media. There was a lot of uproar on social media regarding Nia’s birthday cake. Nia is heavily trolled and her cake is called vulgar. Indecent comments were also made on Nia Sharma. Nia did not give any explanation on this then. But now Nia has broken her silence on the matter and said that she does not take all these things seriously. The actress told IANS – ‘I do not take anything seriously on social media. I use social media so that I can have a little fun and remove stress. This is just an entertainment tool for me. I use it in Fun Way. I do not like to argue with people nor do I pay attention to unnecessary things. ‘ Let me tell you, in the video, Nia is seen cutting the cake and her friends are standing around and enjoying the moment. On seeing this video, many people started calling it vulgar and vulgar. Even before this, many celebs have been trolled for celebrating a birthday with such a cake. Earlier, a similar cake was cut at Kareena Kapoor, Malaika Arora, Amrita Arora’s party, after which people raped her on social media. Join us for Hindi news Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram Join and download Hindi News App. If interested in

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