When bollywood actor Om puri hugged martyr bsf jawan Nitin Yadav father and apologized publicly for controversial statement on uri attack


Late actor Om Puri of Bollywood, he used to remain in the headlines for his statements as much as he lived in the church for his payment in films. Towards the end of his life, many controversies were also associated with Om Puri. And due to these disputes, he was also uncomfortable at times. One such incident happened when he made an objectionable statement on the killing of Indian soldiers on the outskirts during a TV debate, after which an FIR was lodged against him.

In fact, after the martyred soldiers were killed during the Uri attack, Om Puri said who asked him to join the army? Who told them to take up arms? Following this statement, a case was registered against Ompuri. Om Puri apologized after facing criticism for his statement across the country. Om Puri, apologizing, had said, “I am very sorry for what I said.” I am the punishment partner for this. I should not be forgiven. I apologize to the families of Indian soldiers killed in the Uri attack. ”

It was only after the Uri attack that a camp of 46 Rashtriya Rifles was attacked in Baramulla in which Etawah BSF jawan Nitin Yadav was killed. The attack shook Om Puri and he went to Nitin Yadav’s house to repent over the previous statement. After expressing condolences, Om Puri cried the hug of martyr Nitin Yadav’s father. During this time, tears were not stopping from Om Puri’s eyes.

Om Puri once again publicly acknowledged his mistake and apologized and said that the martyr I insulted during the debate was my fault. My heart was distracted from that day. Had it been in any other country, the hands and head would have been cut off.

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